• Why: Make it less chaotic and don’t stress.

    My long time goal is to create a lasting, engaging and positive work environment. Where individual wishes and needs are identified though open dialog, and blockers are analyzed for a way forward. A transparent vision and understanding creates a “human” environment for a thriving work environment and business.

    You might say:

    -Yes it’s all well and good, but in a business environment it don’t work, we need to make our quarterly quotas.

    The overwhelming success of Larian studios begs the difference, with passion and a sustainable business environment are swimming in cash, and so could you with a clear conscience 🙂

    A good spokes person for sustainable environment is Simon Sinek, who have clear and “snack” bite talks on the mindset and why.

    My Personality

    I’m a “Campaigner” which are enthusiastic, creative, and sociable free spirits, who can always find a reason to smile

    On “16 personalities” you can further explore my personality and how I think.

    Ask your self: how many times have you changed your behavior or ways of thinking when someone presents you with facts and numbers?

    For lasting change, numbers have low priority. It’s the mindset and personal contemplation on new ideas that will have lasting affects.

    The French philosopher Gilles Deleuze philosophies about Creativity and describes it quite simply as “cutting holes in the umbrella, we put up to protect us from chaos”.

    Please see the 45 second video about the topic 🙂

    As a ux designer I’m a firm believer that my users are the Development team, meaning that I need to deliver what the team needs to be able to do the implementation!

    The users of the of the product are requirement requester. Me as a UX designer need to fight for my requester needs with in the organization.